real estate

The Albers en van Tienen real-estate team has ample expertise in the field of commercial and private real estate. The team’s no-nonsense culture is deal-oriented. In addition to private individuals, investors, developers (semi) public authorities and other institutions are assisted in the acquisition, financing, development and alienation of real estate.


corporate law

The experts of the corporate law team of Albers en van Tienen attend to a wide range of clients from start-ups to listed enterprises. The team is known for its speed and efficiency and is put into action upon the setting-up, restructuring, financing, transfer and liquidation of enterprises.



The aviation team of Albers en van Tienen has wide-ranging experience in the field of the registration, transfer and financing of aircraft, serving the both the (prospective) owners of aircraft and the parties financing the purchase.


business mediation

More information about our mediation services.



The Albers en van Tienen team consists of 2 civil-law notaries, 8 junior civil-law notaries, 1 notarial clerk and 12 notarial assistants.


contact details and directions

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More information about the most recent publications of Albers en van Tienen civil-law notaries.


conversion leasehold

We would like to be of service to you in the conversion of the continuous right of leasehold (voortdurend) into a perpetual right (eeuwigdurend).