corporate law

The experts of the corporate law team of albers en van tienen attend to a wide range of clients from start-ups to listed enterprises. The team is known for its speed and efficiency and is put into action upon the setting-up, restructuring, financing, transfer and liquidation of enterprises.

During the process of setting up an enterprise, we will look ahead at the expected growth of the enterprise. The interests of the parties involved will be determined and the agreements reached will subsequently be laid down in (notarial) deeds and agreements.

With the passage of time or as a result of changed circumstances, alterations to the corporate structure could be advisable. The existing and the desired structure will be assessed and the restructuring process from the old to the new situation will be implemented in the most efficient manner.

With respect to the financing of the enterprise both external (banking) borrowed capital but also private equity may be used. The team will assist parties in laying down the agreements reached and compiling the necessary documentation with respect to the financing.

In case of the transfer of (part of) the enterprise, the process could involve the sale to an external party but also the passing on of the company to the next generation. Existing agreements will then be scrutinised and if necessary will be amended in accordance with the new circumstances.

In case of the discontinuation of the enterprise, the team will render advice on the liquidation in order that all formalities will be fulfilled.