real estate

The albers en van tienen real-estate team has ample expertise in the field of commercial and private real estate. The team’s no-nonsense culture is deal-oriented. In addition to private individuals, investors, developers (semi) public authorities and other institutions are assisted in the acquisition, financing, development and alienation of real estate.

In case of the acquisition of real estate careful consideration shall be paid to the legal aspects of the property. The possibilities and the limitations will be of vital importance to the use of the property. If at all possible, the real-estate team can conduct an investigation into these legal aspects of the property. Such an investigation will be carried out both on behalf of the acquirer and the party intending to sell the property.

In case of project development the team will already at an early stage be involved in the planning and structuring of the project. Together with experts the most favourable options under civil law and fiscal law will be selected. The team has already been able to use its skills in a large number of (large-scale) projects.

The team will assist in compiling the necessary documentation with respect to the financing required for the funding of the property. An important feature in this respect might be the setting up of a structure in which private equity will (also) be attracted for the funding of the property. In addition to legislation with reference to civil law and tax law, any supervisory rules and regulations will also be vitally important.